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Basit Fayaz wrote on 08-08-2022
Sir, We the students of South campus are requesting the respected authority that the "PLAY GROUND" of this campus has not been cleared so far it is very grassy and muddy. South campus team has the football match at University of Kashmir (main campus) on 16-06-2022. So we kindly request u to clear the ground as early as possible so that we could practice well on the ground so that we can win the Football tournament as well as earlierly we won CRICKET MATCH AT UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR... THANKS

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Forwarded to the Concerned Official for immediate redressal. As per the inputs received from the Assistant Director Sports, the employees couldn't clear the grass of the said field due to wet surface, however on Wednesday, it will be done on priority.
08-08-2022 19:43:00
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